I was finding it hard to practice what I preach, teaching and working in the wellness industry. My family and I were eating way too much "convenience health food." It was packaged, lacking prana, and pricey! At first I thought having a helper in this area was cheating, and a luxury we couldnt afford; but it soon became an exciting adventure. Holly's meals are filled with nutrition, organic ingredients and soul. It has helped us spend less time planning and more time centering ourselves around sharing a meal together, and when I am traveling I still feel like my husband and family have the good sustainable nutrition they need. It has truly been a blessing for us all.D.M.G., Fort Wayne, IN
Very healthy & tasty! Super accommodating of preferences & dietary needs.  Joyful interactions.  Thank you, Holy Ladle!M.T., Fort Wayne, IN
The Holy Ladle is more than just a meal, it is an experience. The food that Holly prepares is not only delicious, but is nurturing and  filled with love.   And when you eat it you can feel that. I urge anyone looking for healthy, deliciousness to look no further.  I thank the universe every time she delivers my food!C.P., Columbus, OH
Even though Desmond was my second baby, I had forgotten how demanding the first few weeks as a new mother can be. My husband traveled a lot, so I was pretty much on my own. My sleep schedule was off, my house was a mess, and I'm pretty sure I forgot how to tell time. Had it not been for the postpartum meals Holly brought to my house, I'm fairly certain my older child and I would have starved. It truly was a blessing to open the refrigerator, pull out a dish, warm it up, and have a healthy, filling meal on the table in minutes.J.S., Port Charlotte, FL