Coming home through food...we all do it. During times of stress, illness, or change we all look to food to support, nourish, calm, and create the change we need in our body-mind. Feeling tired or stressed? We reach for things that excite our adrenals (coffee, chocolate, energy drinks). Emotionally wonky? Pizza, cheese, fried foods. When the flu visits our house, we look to easy to digest fare like noodles or soup. Preparing for a party? Cayenne and spicy foods feature here. What if unwinding stress and irritation could be as simple as including a cooking style or adding a few foods to our repertoire? Or if we could still get the texture and satisfaction we crave from dairy through another food source? We can do all this and more with food.

Throughout the years, my understanding of "coming home through food" has evolved and morphed as my family has grown, as I've studied and applied, and as I've cooked and "come home". When food is organic, plant-based, and prepared with care and attention, it holds the capacity to super charge us. It holds the capacity to fuel us and hold us steady through times of stress, strain, and great change. Creating change in the body-mind through food is possible, especially if we look to the seasons and their rhythms for cues; the seasons communicate to us perfectly what to eat. My lofty goal in preparing and serving you food is that I help you "come home" to the perfect version of You.

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"I was finding it hard to practice what I preach, teaching and working in the wellness industry. My family and I were eating way too much "convenience health food." It was packaged, lacking prana, and pricey! At first I thought having a helper in this area was cheating, and a luxury we couldnt afford; but it soon became an exciting adventure. Holly's meals are filled with nutrition, organic ingredients and soul. It has helped us spend less time planning and more time centering ourselves around sharing a meal together, and when I am traveling I still feel like my husband and family have the good sustainable nutrition they need. It has truly been a blessing for us all."D.M.G., Fort Wayne, IN